Peter Wohlleben

Protection of forests in Germany

Gemeinsam für den Schutz der Wälder

Wohllebens Wald & Wildnis gGmbH

Together for the protection of forests

We want to give something back to nature. That's why we founded Wohlleben's Forest and Wilderness gGmbH. The exclusively non-profit company is committed to protecting our forests. To this end, we enforce applicable forest protection regulations through legal channels, for example in the case of logging in nature reserves, support the education and training of children and adults on forest protection topics, and help to conduct scientific research into this unique ecosystem.

We would be very pleased if you would support us in this with a donation.

Miriam and Peter Wohlleben

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Current projects

Peter Wohlleben

Protection of the Heiligen Hallen

The "Heiligen Hallen" are a total reserve and the oldest beech forest in Germany. This ancient forest is surrounded by an FFH area, which has been severely damaged by the local forestry authority and now the "Heiligen Hallen" are endangered.

Peter Wohlleben

FFH area Montabaurer Höhe

We are currently examining the legal basis for a large clearcut that was carried out in the Montabaurer-Höhe FFH area.

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