Peter Wohlleben

Wohllebens Welt

Das Naturmagazin von GEO und Peter Wohlleben

The nature magazine from GEO and Peter Wohlleben

A nature magazine by GEO and Peter Wohlleben: WOHLLEBENS WELT stands for the fulfillment of the longing for nature and deceleration and for an understandable and entertaining knowledge transfer about the phenomena of the animal and plant world and nature. It inspires the reader to spend more time in nature and has with Peter Wohlleben the best only conceivable protagonist, author, advisor and commentator at its side. Peter Wohlleben will be noticeably present in the magazine in the form of longer reports, photo spreads, essays and columns. Peter Wohlleben and the editorial team will provide their readers with a new view of nature. It goes not only into the forest, but it goes in the homeland on the meadow, in the Watt, in the mountains, in the moor and on the sea. And also in excursions out into the world. WOHLLEBENS WELT creates a sense of wonder at the wonders of the living world and shows that knowledge about nature can be fun.